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Amo and band

AMO made many live performances, collaborations, TV and radio appearances. The band went to Jamaica in 2007 to shoot video in TellStudio with feat. local singer Pad Anthony. The single EX to upcoming album was used in All Points Bulletin game by Realtime Worlds company next to names like 50Cent or Rihanna. Exclusively for Slávik 2010 AMO created very successful Megamix consisting of several slovak hits and exclusively for Radio Expres the band composited 2011 hockey anthem Za náš tým. AMO works on band´s 3rd studio album. Opak and Moe lately started to perform with live band, takes on sound engineer Peter Paulen (Q99) and sets their goals even higher. AMO is known for its quality Live Shows, with two nominees for Musiq Award Live by Musiq 1 TV. All members of the band try to improve and innovate their music.