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Kvety nikotínu

Kvety Nikotínu have been active on the Slovak music scene since 1997, when the band was found by three high school classmates. They draw inspiration form artist such as Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, The cure, Johnny Cash, Vladimir Visotsky or the Czech underground legend Psí Vojáci, but they have been playing music that stubbornly refuses to be categorized in any specific genres since their very first steps as a band. Not long after they began playing together, the band began to attract a cult following in Slovakia and were called ‘rock chansonniers’ not long after they began playing together.

The four albums they have released so far have been a mixture of somber, melancholy ballads and potential hits, some of which have received considerable airtime on Slovak and Czech radio stations alike. Songs like Škaredé káčatko (The ugly duckling) or Telefón (Telephone) are isntantly recognizable thansk to their unique atmosphere and unmistakable style of songwriting. Kvety Nikotínu were also pioneers in making use of the internet’s possibilities, making their albums digitally available well before it became a worldwide trend. The band have recently completed the recording of the soundtrack to a modern dance performance called Babylónska Veža (The tower of Babylon) by Banska Bystrica’s „Štúdio Tanca“ theatre, which will soon be available for download on the band’s official website, completely free of charge. Since summer 2013, Kvety Nikotínu have recorded 25 new song in their own studio, a selection of which is going to be released on their next studio album called Vlákna (Threads), which is going to be preceded by the single Koniec (The end), along with a music video. The new album was inspired by the 80s (especially post-punk) and soviet variety music from the turn of the 70s and 80s, enriched by the band’s singular poetry and unmistakable compositions. For the first time in the group’s history, they invited various guests to take part in the recording, ranging from vocalists from other alternative bands, through a male voice choir and an opera singer, to players on various string instruments.