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Mango Molas

...Mango Molas Coming with Their Second Album.Three years following their debut Pena awarded by Aurel the band launches its album named Ultima Rumba. It has ten completely new songs created in co-operation of the guitarist and singer Martin 'Lopez' Vlašič (the exclusive lyricists of the band) and the pianist Roland Kánik. Since their debut, Mango Molas have undergone several changes of its members in result of which also the sound of the band has been changing–drums have been added to percussions and a horn section of three members has been formed as well.The music in the album Ultima Rumba is the fusion of Afro-Cuban (guajira, salsa, rumba, bolero) or Brazilian (batucada, bossanova) music tradition and contemporary grooves (with random use of electronics and loops). In addition to Slovak, you can also hear Spanish and Portuguese singing on the album. Several guests participated at its recording. In the composition Mas Como Cansado you can hear Tina whose popularity is at rise; the song Aeroporto Batucada has been created in co-operation with Yvonne Sanchez, an excellent singer of Brazilian music, the pilot single Quinto Elemento was decorated by the vocal part of the Spanish signer and rapper Carmen Morejon from United Flavour band. In addition to them, there are many excellent guest instrumentalists playing (the violinist Stano Palúch, player of traditional Cuban guitar tres, strings section, etc.).Mango Molas band was created in 1998 as the group of four percussionists playing Western African rhythms. By gradual adding of harmonic instruments the sound of the band has been changing. At present, Mango Molas is formed of eight musicians with music inspired mostly by Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. The band has the trace of many concerts at all famous festivals in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic; they played twice in Paris, Berlin and Gyor and they played twice as an introductory band at the Bratislava concerts of legendary Buena Vista Social Club. In 2004, their debut album Pena has been launched for which Mango Molas has been awarded Aurel in the category Discovery of the Year and they were nominated as the Band of the Year. The band participated also at recording the album of Peter Lipa – Lipa spieva Lasicu – awarded by five Aurels and at successful debut album of a rapper formation called AMO.The album Ultima Rumba is due on May 31, 2007, at an independent label Gregor Agency – G. A. Records. The same day, the band will inaugurate it by the concert in Bratislava club Charlies.


The group was founded in 1998 as a group of four friends who inspired rhythms of West Africa. One year it originate first demo recording Coma, which would later appear on the first album Peňa, which appeared a few years later, in 2004. Gradual development to change the style of the band‘s sound, which is written colorfully diverse pen copyright of all members. The way to the first album was lined with a number of concerts and events of all kinds. Endless jam sessions are transferred from the street into the studio and in atmosphere of common cosmic joy originated album Peňa, which has been awarded “AUREL“ as the discovery of the year. In 2007, a new album, Ultima Rumba which is recognized as a world music album of the year. In 2007 originated new album, Ultima Rumba which is recognized as a world music album of the year.Mango Molas to produce the effects left by Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, African and Slovak musical traditions. Group merges these styles with own individual and typical symptoms. During the long years in the group was replaced by a number of musicians who were largely devoted to music professionally. Currently the band is gaining new energy in the studio and record the third album Poetica Slowaca which connects the Slovak folklore, Brasil and music style lat. America‘s Nueva Trova, or musicly work that replace hard and overcompose arrangements.It should be in quiet and relaxing mood, what after years the band needed.On songs currently working the singer and songwriter Martin Vlašič, some popular texts will be transform into Spanish or Portuguese. The band plans for 2011 is spend time with preparing third album and new concert program, which will be more intimate… “Everything important has already happened, we should be located inner peace and balance, the net relationship to music and drawing energy from the environment... we stopped sense him at some stage.” Despite many changes, wide ten year history identified band as an established, mature and respected formation...