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The band Unisex, which was known until 2010 under the name seXy papučky exist since early 2008, when brothers Vojto (vocals, guitar) and Martin (bass) with their cousin Mitko (drums) began to play rock'n'roll music . They played their own songs and their music could be defined as youthful rock. Over time, guys needed to invent and find a genre in which each put a piece of himself, as their musical tastes varied. They agreed that their music needs a piece of disco, because it is dancy and catchy. They created the first indie-disco songs, which they perform with punk energy. In summer of 2008 Mitko's brother MUDr. Vladimír Holec (dr. drobo), who plays the guitar, entered the band. He gave the band last dose of needed spice and band started to play live gigs. In 2009 the band played live under the name seXy papučky. Many achievements and excellent response from the audience have come.

In 2010, it is time to move the band further and guys decided to change it's name to Unisex in order to express the music of this band is for anyone and everyone will find something he like in it.